Features Overview

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  • Free iPad app
  • Aurasma is an augmented reality experience
  • Create your own 'Auras' by taking a photo of an object or picture, then embed a picture or video within that first object or picture.
download (1).png


  • Free iPad App
  • Create your own video game
  • Options to purchase Bloxel Building Set, but not required
download (2).png

Green Screen by Do Ink

  • Paid iPad App
  • Students can create engaging videos and presentations using green screen technology
  • You can simply purchase green fabric to act as your green screen


  • Paid iPad App
  • Allows students to create an Movie OR a Trailer. 
  • The trailer option has more step by step guidelines and has worked better for my primary students.

Little Bird Tales

  • Free iPad App
  • Create your own digital stories

Pic Collage

  • Free iPad App
  • Create digital images by using stickers, photos, and text.
  • Perfect app to use when app smashing


  • Free iPad App
  • Allows you to create a video using up to 10 pictures/videos. 
  • You can speak over the pictures and videos as they are being shown on the screen.
download (8).png


  • Free iPad App
  • Students create and customize an avatar, then create a video where the avatar is talking.
  • The background behind the avatar can be a scene from the app, a photo from your camera roll, or something that you draw in the app.
  • Great for giving reports


  • Free iPad App
  • Educreations allows students to create a video
  • It is like an interactive whiteboard where students can record what they are drawing and saying at the same time
  • You can draw in the background OR import a picture from your camera roll
  • The free version does not have unlimited space so you will need to move student projects to another location after a period of time