Features Overview

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  • Free iPad app
  • Aurasma is an augmented reality experience
  • Create your own 'Auras' by taking a photo of an object or picture, then embed a picture or video within that first object or picture
  • Math: Design a scoot game by creating auras. If you are studying multiplication you can have students create pictures of arrays. Then students can create a video sharing a word problem that goes with the arrays. 
  • Language Arts: Create an aura for the books your students write. Take a picture of their illustration and then put a video of your student reading that page inside of it.
  • Social Studies: If your students are studying a particular landmark, have them print out pictures of them. Then have students create videos explaining what the landmarks are and where the landmarks can be located. These videos can be placed in the picture of each landmark when making the aura. 
  • Science: Design word wall cards for science content. Have students create videos showcasing each vocabulary word. Students can put the videos they created into the auras. 
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  • Free iPad App
  • Create your own video game
  • Options to purchase Bloxel Building Set, but not required
  • Math: Have your students create a character OR a background. Have them write fractions to represent the different colored blocks that they used. 
  • Language Arts: Read a story with your class. Have students create a character from the story. Then have students create one background. Within the background have students create signs that retell the story.
  • Social Studies: Design a character and background that represent a specific event or time period in history.
  • Science: Create a background that shows and models the different layers of the Earth. Have students create a character and give a tour of each layer by walking around in their scene.
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Green Screen

  • Paid iPad App
  • Students can create engaging videos and presentations using green screen technology
  • You can simply purchase green fabric to act as your green screen
  • Make sure that you do your recording outside of the app, then put your video into the app
  • The Green Screen app is great for giving reports on topics! Here are some ideas for what your students could give reports on!
  • Math: Have your students write a word problem. Give a report on the word problem and ask the audience for help in solving it. For example, "Today in our area a local animal shelter received 12 new kittens. They already had 11 kittens. How many kittens does the animal shelter have now?" You can even turn the videos the students make into QR codes and create a write the room activity from them!
  • Language Arts: If your students do "How To" writing, have them give a report on their how to writing piece. Have them demonstrate while presenting. For example, if a student wrote a paper on 'How to Tie your Shoes', they can have a shoe on screen and demonstrate the steps in sequential order for how to tie a shoe.
  • Social Studies: Students can create a report about traveling to a particular time in history, a specific landmark, an ancient civilization, countries, states, continents....the possibilities are really endless!
  • Science: Do you study habitats? Your students can give a tour of a specific habitat and describe where that habitat can be found along with what wildlife can be found in it!
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  • Paid iPad App
  • Allows students to create an Movie OR a Trailer. 
  • The trailer option has more step by step guidelines and has worked better for my primary students.
  • Math: Create a trailer that describes the probability or likelihood of events. For example, if a student chose the vocabulary word 'Impossible' they could create a trailer that explains things that are impossible. "It is impossible for our school to grow wings and fly away."
  • Language Arts: Create a book trailer to encourage classmates to try a new series or type of book. Be sure to include the title of the book along with the author.
  • Social Studies: Create a movie or trailer about the life of a Famous American. Include their name, the time period they were from, and their contributions.
  • Science: Go on a matter scavenger hunt in the classroom. Have students create a trailer about the solids, liquids, and gases that they found within their classroom.

Little Bird Tales

  • Free iPad App
  • Create your own digital stories
  • Math: Have your students write a word problem & solve it. Students will draw a picture of the story problem to go with it.
  • Language Arts: Have your students create a digital book using Little Bird Tales!
  • Social Studies: Do you study Native Americans or Famous Americans? Have students create trading cards for the famous people that they study.
  • Science: Have students create vocabulary cards to help them with their current science unit. Students can write the word, what it means to them, and illustrate a picture to go with it.