• Paid iPad App
  • Students can create engaging videos and presentations using green screen technology
  • You can simply purchase green fabric to act as your green screen
  • Make sure that you do your recording outside of the app, then put your video into the app

The Green Screen app is great for giving reports on topics! Here are some ideas for what your students could give reports on!

  • Math: Have your students write a word problem. Give a report on the word problem and ask the audience for help in solving it. For example, "Today in our area a local animal shelter received 12 new kittens. They already had 11 kittens. How many kittens does the animal shelter have now?" You can even turn the videos the students make into QR codes and create a write the room activity from them!
  • Language Arts: If your students do "How To" writing, have them give a report on their how to writing piece. Have them demonstrate while presenting. For example, if a student wrote a paper on 'How to Tie your Shoes', they can have a shoe on screen and demonstrate the steps in sequential order for how to tie a shoe.
  • Social Studies: Students can create a report about traveling to a particular time in history, a specific landmark, an ancient civilization, countries, states, continents....the possibilities are really endless!
  • Science: Do you study habitats? Your students can give a tour of a specific habitat and describe where that habitat can be found along with what wildlife can be found in it!