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Flexible Seating: Finds at Five Below

Flexible Seating: Finds at Five Below


Flexible seating has been quite a buzzword lately in the world of education. Responses range from "Get rid of desks? Where will students work?" to "What a great way to allow students to move throughout the day. This is a GREAT way to give students choice!"

Whether you are playing with the idea of having flexible seating in your class this year or next, hopefully this blog post will give you ideas of things you could purchase on a budget.

Have you heard of Five Below? They're true to their word and have items priced at $5 or below. I went perusing through the store today to gain some inspiration and ideas. Here are my findings!


I've seen a few blog post about teachers using yoga mats for flexible seating. These yoga mats come in multiple bright colors. They were not extremely thick, but a good length for students to lay down on. I opted not to purchase them, as I am looking for some laying down options that are a little more comfortable for students.


Another seating option for students who want to lay down are these foam flooring pieces. They are much thicker than the yoga mats and would be easier to clean than a carpet!


Five Below has a wide choice of pillows for you to choose from.


These exercise loops can be looped around the legs of a typical chair. Have you seen the large rubber bands on chairs for students to bounce/kick/fidget with? This is what I had in mind for this item! I purchased one of these to try out with a student. It has worked very well! I also attached one to the legs of my standing table for students to bounce on.


Check out these fitness balls! They do not have feet, but they are only $5 each! I love the color choices: blue, purple, aqua, or lime. I purchased four aqua fitness balls to use. I have been looking on Amazon for stability balls with legs. The cheapest ones I could find were for $20. Some teachers suggest using boxes, bins, paper plates, Frisbees, or other items to keep stability balls without legs from rolling away. OR they could place them on top of this last item...


These Pilate rings have done an amazing job of keeping the stability balls in place. Students use them when they are sitting on them, as well as when they are not.

Once I began thinking about flexible seating, I began seeing items in a different way. There are so many options for students and we all have specific preferences! 

Let others know about your favorite flexible seating items that you can purchase on a budget in the comments below!




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