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Top Five Makerspace Tools

Top Five Makerspace Tools


I'm frequently asked what tools should be purchased for classroom makerspaces. I decided to create a list of my Top Five FAVORITE tools to use in elementary makerspaces.

What is a Crop-a-dile? It's a popsicle stick hole puncher! I have several different styles in my classroom and they are ALWAYS in high demand when we are working on a STEM project. My students typically use these when trying to make a moveable part with popsicle sticks. 

Here are several different styles that we use in our classroom.

Green Style Crop-a-dile: One larger sized hole

Pink/Blue Style Crop-a-dile: Has 2 different sized holes

Students can create the perfect circle with the circle paper punch. My students love using them to make heads and wheels!

Having a masking tape dispenser is a game changer. It might not seem like a big deal, but it is. I had students getting stuck in tape and not being able to get the tape off of the roll. This caused my small group instruction to stop in order to fix the tape disaster. It is WORTH it to have one! This dispenser can hold ten rolls of tape.

Ever have students come up to you asking for help to poke a hole in something? My students do it all the time when trying to make moveable parts with brads. Giant pushpins and a sponge allow students to independently poke holes without adult assistance!

A coworker introduced this tape to me. Ruler tape can help students meet any measurement requirements you might have for a makerspace challenge or STEM project. Why have size requirements for STEM projects? Some students will create BIG designs that use up many supplies. Use size requirements in order to save your supplies!

What are your favorite tools to use in your classroom makerspace? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

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